Monday, February 25, 2008

Missionary e-mail 2-25-08

Hey there!
What an eventful week! Man I wish I could have more time to explain everything that happened this week. I hope I can remember all the important stuff. Well first of all, we made some killer no-bake cookies on P-day that we gave to a couple members. Everyone loved them and wants to try to make them themselves. We walked down a new street this week that we have never been on. We passed by a house and had to take a picture of what we saw inside. Inside the gate was easily the biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. Believe it or not, the tops of its ears come up to my shoulders. Its huge. I'll have to have my comp make me a copy of the picture when he develops it since I didnt have my camera on me. That and the picture of "Beethoven" the second most massive dog I have seen in my life. It is bigger than the guy the owners pay to walk him.

Monday night, we found this girl name Annie that we gave a book of mormon to and she told us she would read it. When we came back wednesday night, to our total surprise, she had read the whole book of mormon from cover to cover. She was way more open to our message after that and accepted a baptisimal date. Unfortunately, she had to go somewhere yesterday and couldnt make it to church. I hope she gets baptized soon.

Sunday was just full of miracles. We had a ton of investigators at church this week and it was a great meeting. All of our investigators loved the talks and felt the spirit. We have been working with one lady named Euvira that has had one foot in her church, one in ours. Last week, she told us she didn't want us teaching her any more and almost threw us out of her house like she did the last elders that were there. We managed to talk her into praying to find out what God wanted her to do. She made it to church and felt the spirit, asked for an interview with the bishop who gave her some advice and after church decided that she would be baptized this saturday(the 1st).

Eliana, the woman who has been hearing from the missionaries for 2 years but couldn't be baptized because of her husband, accepted a date for the 1st too. We have 5 baptisms marked for this weekend.

I got a call from the assistants to the president on saturday night at 10 PM I was worried about what the heck it could possibly be. They told me I needed to call the President the next night. It left me totally nervous wondering what it could be. When I called him last night, he told me I was being called to serve on the staff in the mission office and would be leaving on tuesday morning (tomorrow). I will be the Historian/Secretary and probably taking the place of the last elder as Zone Leader of that zone. I have to leave a whole week early to stay in the office to be shown what my new job will be. I won't even be here to help my investigators but my comp will stay with other elders from a nearby area until his new companion comes. I still have very little idea of what I will be doing but I'll be sure to write next week and explain more. To tell the truth, this isn't exactly what I wanted to do but I guess its what the Lord wants me to be doing so I'll just have to do my best. I know its kinda trunkie but this should be my second to last area. What a weird thought. Man... time flies by fast. Im at that point in my mission that I'm trying to put on the brakes to make time go a little slower so I can do everything I want but it just keeps flying on by.

Well I have to head home to start packing my bags. I have to be out the door at 7 AM tomorrow morning to head out to my new area. I love you guys tons and hope you have a great week. Tchau!

Elder Childs

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