Monday, February 11, 2008

Missionary e-mail 2-11-07

Hey there everyone,
Carnaval ended... thank goodness. It was much more mild than last year but we still had to duck into other streets and alleys to avoid some large parades of people. Not too bad. The worst part was, all of our investigators were out of town or busy during canaval and it was impossible to find new investigators with everyone partying so it made the work a little tough but all in all, it was a pretty good week.

A couple miracles happened, including that a ton of people showed up to church. More people at church means more baptisms which is a good thing. We taught a man a month ago and that same week he left for Sao Paulo for a month to study. We were walking down the street this week and found him washing his car. The first thing he said to us was that he had read in the book we had left for him a month ago and wanted to go to church with us this sunday. He did. Ill keep you up to date on how that goes.

We were supposed to have a baptism this week but it fell through. The lady didnt feel ready yet and has to make the decision to leave her church to join ours. It has been hard for her but she is trying. Hopefully in a week or 2 she will make the decision and be baptized.

I know I promised you some good stories and pics and stuff this week but really, this week was pretty uneventful and nothing good to take pictures of. Ill try harder this week to come up with something good. I love you all tons and hope you have a great week. Get well soon all of you that are sick. Tchau!!

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