Monday, February 18, 2008

Missionary E-Mail 2-18-08

Hey there everyone!

Sounds like you all had an exciting week. Mine wasn't all that exciting but it was better than last week for sure!

Like I said I would, I took some photos this week to send to you guys. Nothing too exciting but hey that's all I've got. Some investigators gave us some weird fruit to eat. They were both really good. You have to cut them open and pull out the seeds with your hands then suck all the fruit off of them. Kinda weird but tasty.

The fist one is called Beribá I think.

and the one with the purple seeds
is called Cacau (or cocoa in english) apparently it is from this fruit that we get cocoa. I didn't know that. Surprisingly enough, the fruit doesnt taste anything like chocolate.

Carnaval ended last week but this week, the results from Vestibular came in. Colleges here accept people based solely on one test (kinda like the SAT or ACT) and not based on any previous achievements like in the US. Each school has a different test based on different Majors you chose. They announce the results of this test, Vestibular, on the radio, internet, TV... its a big deal. Those that pass spend the whole day partying and have a few customs that have been going on for years and years such as shaving their head, covering people with flower and eggs and just about anything else you can find in the kitchen, and of course, drinking a huge amount of beer while blaring loud music in front of their house (mainly the "I Passed Vestibular" song which gets played and repeated and gets on your nerves real fast). It was way more wild here the day the results came out than it was for Carnaval. Go figure.

Well this week was super busy. We have a ton of investigators spread out all over our area so we have to take at least one bus a day sometimes more and do a ton of walking. It all payed off though since we had a ton of people at church this week and a lot of people that will be baptized soon.

We have an investigator that I might have told you about but I don't remember. Her name is Eliana and she has been living with her husband for years, but they never got married. About 17 years ago, he got sick and his situation just got worse and worse over the years. He became paralyzed about 10 years ago and about 5 years ago turned into a total vegetable, not being able to talk, or respond in any way. Since she lived with him, she could not be baptized even though Nobody fully understood why, the mission president just refused it. For the last 2 years she has been investigating the church but finds it hard to go since she had to constantly stay home with her husband. She has already read the Book of Mormon once through and about half way again. Last week her husband passed away. Finally we will be able to help Eliana get baptized... something she has been wanting for so long.

There are several other people we are teaching like this that have had things been getting in the way of their baptism for a long time but finally are getting things resolved. One family we are teaching will finally get their divorce papers this week from a previous marriage and will be able to get married this month. We are seeing a lot of miracles like this recently and are being really blessed. With another transfer coming up soon, I am praying to not be sent away so I can see all these people we have been working with for so long finally be able to get baptized.

Well thats all for now. I love you tons and hope you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Childs

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