Saturday, June 7, 2008

Phoenix Writers Wanted

Like many of you, I enjoy writing. In kindergarten I wrote the epic tale, Mully, Mully the Monster, which was critically acclaimed by my mother, who I think still has this story in her hope chest some thirty five years later. Since then, I have been unable to find a good 12 step program to overcome my need to put pen to paper. Well ok, fingers to keyboard now, but you get the idea.

Writing is an act of creation. A rather insightful friend told me that writing was a gift of the spirit that falls under the gift of tongues.

I enjoy writing fiction, fantasy in particular. I am looking at putting together a writers’ group in the Phoenix, AZ area. I live in Chandler, and another person that has expressed interest in this lives in Glendale, so we’re covering a fairly large part of the valley. If you are interested and live in this area, please let me know by adding a comment to this posting.

Your current writing skill is not as important as a desire to want to become better and a willingness to help others around you improve as well.

My resume as a writer is brief:

I entered a short story in the 74th Annual Writers’ Digest contest and won an honorable mention. Over 17,000 stories were entered. In the general fiction category I placed in the top 100. I had another story accepted for publication by a small magazine that unfortunately went belly up before I got published. I currently have a small anecdotal experience under consideration for a humorous LDS book. Long story short, since writing Mully, Mully the Monster, more people than just my mom have expressed an interest in my writing, but as of right now, I am unpublished.

Whether you are a published writer, or simply want to be one some day, if you live near Phoenix, we’d like to have you in our group. When I first started writing as an adult I was really, really bad. With diligent effort and a willingness to let others tell me what my weaknesses are, I think that I have improved to at least mediocre. Back then, passive verbs were some of my best friends. If you don’t know why they shouldn’t be, then this writers’ group would help. If you do know why they should be avoided, you can help the rest of us get even better.


Queen of Chaos said...

I'm here! Well, I guess I don't really count since you contacted me before you posted this. hehe :)

So, Dan is write- I mean right- we NEED some Phoenix writers to join our two person group!! Come on...ya know you wanna! {Even if you don't know what you're doing- like me- you can join!}

Anonymous said...

What was Mully the Monster about? When I was in 4th grade I was in a play by the same name. This is going back to about '74. just curious.