Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love Your Enemies, Mormon 5: 8-13

8 And now behold, I, Mormon, do not desire to harrow up the souls of men in casting before them such an awful scene of blood and carnage as was laid before mine eyes; but I, knowing that these things must surely be made known, and that all things which are hid must be revealed upon the house-tops—
9 And also that a knowledge of these things must come unto the remnant of these people, and also unto the Gentiles, who the Lord hath said should scatter this people, and this people should be counted as naught among them—therefore I write a small abridgment, daring not to give a full account of the things which I have seen, because of the commandment which I have received, and also that ye might not have too great sorrow because of the wickedness of this people.
10 And now behold, this I speak unto their seed, and also to the Gentiles who have care for the house of Israel, that realize and know from whence their blessings come.
11 For I know that such will sorrow for the calamity of the house of Israel; yea, they will sorrow for the destruction of this people; they will sorrow that this people had not repented that they might have been clasped in the arms of Jesus.
12 Now these things are written unto the remnant of the house of Jacob; and they are written after this manner, because it is known of God that wickedness will not bring them forth unto them; and they are to be hid up unto the Lord that they may come forth in his own due time.
13 And this is the commandment which I have received; and behold, they shall come forth according to the commandment of the Lord, when he shall see fit, in his wisdom.

(Book of Mormon | Mormon 5:8 - 13)

Mormon has probably known very few moments of peace in his life. He is well acquainted with war, bloodshed, and carnage. He has tried to show his brethren the Nephites, that their salvation, temporal and spiritual can only be found through the Lord. He knows that his people will not repent, and therefore will be destroyed.
And yet he maintains hope. Not hope for his people, but rather hope for his enemies, that someday they will be receptive to the message of the Lord and Savior. He sees the destroyers of his people as children of a loving Father in Heaven. He see them as God sees them. Regardless of the fact that the Lamanites will destroy his people, he hopes for the day when they will repent and become humble and submissive to the word of the Lord.

Life being what it is, we all have probably had moments where we have been treated unfairly. It would be human nature, aka, the natural man, that would want to strike back at these moments in anger, and feelings of self justification. Mormon is a perfect example of, “Love your enemies, do good to them that curse you…”
Because of his ability to see God’s children the way that He does, he has hope. Hope for himself, and hope for future generations.

This hope provides peace of mind for me when everything around me seems to go sideways at time. I am a son of God, and He has sent me here. Keeping that thought foremost in my mind will help me to overcome life’s struggles and vicissitudes.


Queen of Chaos said...

What a "HOT" topic! Seriously. This has to be one of the hardest things I've had to deal with in my life. It isn't easy.

I enjoyed your thoughts on how Mormon lived his life. If only we all could be as good as he!

Dan and Wendy said...

Frequently my thoughts when I study the scriptures is what do I need to work on. This is definitely one of those categories.

Thanks for commenting