Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new fuel efficient vehicle

In my effort to go green and cut down on my fuel bill, I acquired a more fuel efficient means of transportation...

I haven't really ridden a bike since my mission, 22 years ago. I'm failry out of shape, though I keep trying to convince people that I still have the finely tuned athlete in me. I just keep him well hidden under several layers of fat...

Anyway, gas prices are too high, I need to lose some weight, my sodium levels are too high, blah, blah, blah. Here's my answer. The cost of the bike should pay for itself within six months. It's a Specialized Expedition Sport. I bought it at Global Bike Shop in Gilbert, AZ.

Tim and Scott did a great job of helping me put together a good bike. They're very friendly. They answered all of my questions and made sure that I had every thing I needed. Since I purchased racks, a bag, an odometer/speedometer, and a rear view mirror, they threw in a few other things for free. If you need a new bike you should go and see them.

I rode the bike this morning for 2.5 miles. My commute to work is 7 miles each way. I will definitely need to spend a week getting my riding muscles acclimated before travelling to work.

On this morning's ride I averaged 10.5 mph. My top speed was 12.63 mph, and the trip took me about 19 minutes. I'm hoping to get my average speed up to about 14 mph over time.

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Olsen Family said...

What type of streets are you traveling on? Are there a lot of lights or is it pretty open?