Friday, July 4, 2008

Missionary e-mail 7-4-08

Hey everyone!
What a week! Things have been so busy around here. Last week I didnt even get much of a p-day. I spent most of it in the office working. I managed to finish the mission newspaper thingy, get the new guys all settled in and handle the transfer. Things went well like always but there have been a lot of changes. The companionship in our zone that wasnt part of the staff, was transfered. Its back to 3 companionships... Me and my comp and my new comp, Elder Pedrosa (he's being trained this transfer to take Elder Rufino's place), Elder Dunn, and Elder Araujo, and the 2 assistants, Elder Stephens and Elder Emery. Its basically all one companionship, since we change companions constantly and we all have the same area and numbers and investigators and everything. It should be pretty interesting.
We had an amazing baptism on saturday. We baptized 2 boys named Breno (15) and Gabriel (12) who are the sons of 2 members. Their parents fell away from the church but their dad came back a little while ago. We reactivated their mom and uncle. Their dad was able to baptize them and it was a really great experience for everyone. Afterwards, they gave us little pictures of christ that they had made that had a letter to each one of us on the back thanking us for having helped them out so much and bringing their family back together again. It was great.
Now that the 2 areas in this ward are back together again, we have a ton of investigators and with the baptisms we were preparing and those that the other elders had prepared when they were here, we should have quite a few this transfer. A girl named Christina and a woman named Maria (the mother of another woman we baptized last month, Naira), are preparing to be baptized next week. The week after that, another couple of people have accepted baptismal dates. We'll see how that goes.
Well, I gotta run. Love you all tons. Hope you have a great week! Happy 4th of July!

Elder Childs

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