Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to find peace in a troubled world - Mormon 8:7-11

7 And behold, the Lamanites have hunted my people, the Nephites, down from city to city and from place to place, even until they are no more; and great has been their fall; yea, great and marvelous is the destruction of my people, the Nephites.
8 And behold, it is the hand of the Lord which hath done it. And behold also, the Lamanites are at war one with another; and the whole face of this land is one continual round of murder and bloodshed; and no one knoweth the end of the war.
9 And now, behold, I say no more concerning them, for there are none save it be the Lamanites and robbers that do exist upon the face of the land.
10 And there are none that do know the true God save it be the disciples of Jesus, who did tarry in the land until the wickedness of the people was so great that the Lord would not suffer them to remain with the people; and whether they be upon the face of the land no man knoweth.
11 But behold, my father and I have seen them, and they have ministered unto us.

(Book of Mormon | Mormon 8:7 - 11)

Moroni watches the final destruction of his people. After the Lamanites had destroyed the Nephites they started fighting amongst themselves. Such is the nature of anger and hatred. It is easy to become angry at a person or idea, or something, and to say to yourself, and soon as that person or thing goes away, I won’t be angry anymore.

However, we are each responsible for our emotions. If I’m angry about something, it is a conscious decision on my part to be so. What’s more, by giving place in my heart for anger in one area makes me more susceptible to anger in other areas.

Peace comes from within. The Savior is the Prince of Peace. Moroni understands this. It is how he can constantly be surrounded by anger, war, and hatred, and not be swallowed up by it. He places his trust in the person that brings peace of soul, even the Lord Jesus Christ.

I will try to remember this today. I am in control of what I do, say, and think. I will need help along the way. If I put my trust and faith solely in myself, I will waste the day, and will most likely experience negative emotions that will pull me away from the Holy Spirit.

A kind and loving Heavenly Father wants me to find peace and joy. If I allow Him to be the center of my thoughts and actions, I will find happiness today and forever.

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