Friday, May 2, 2008

Colin's e-mail 5-2-08

Hey there,

Well, like always, I didn't even realize that friday had arrived again. Things in the office have been a bit more calm than before. I managed to get all caught up in my work and used my free time to try to remember my C++ class I took in high school to be able to fix up and improve the system we use to keep track of all the missionaries. Im making a little bit of progress there.

Things around the house are pretty calm too. We are helping out the new guy, Elder Spencer, so he can learn Portuguese. He just got here from Norco, CA and is struggling a little with the language like most american elders do. The poor kid has had quite the culture shock since he got here 3 weeks ago and has already seen a guy run over by a bus, been caught up in a robbery, and seen a guy shot and killed. Soon enough, he will be as desensitized and used to it as the rest of us. I like seeing the new guys come in because I find it interesting to remember what it was like in his shoes a year and a half ago.

We have found some great investigators recently that are showing some potential, including a 15 year old boy named Jadernilson who has been visiting church for a while with his RM neighbor. His mom seems to be showing some interest too. The lawyer I mentioned last week couldn't make it to church but is excited to be there this week.

Well... not much else is going on. Im sorry things are a little boring to hear about here in the Staff. like always, I'll keep looking for something good to be able to tell you next week. I love you all tons and can't wait til the 11th!

Elder Childs

PS. Send Chapstick in the next package. Im almost out. Thanks! :)

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