Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mad Props to Aubrey and Curtis

On April 25th Wendy and I became the proud parents of college graduates. Our daughter Aubrey, and son-in-law, Curtis, both graduated from BYU. Aubrey earned her degree in Communication Disorders with an emphasis on speech pathology. Curtis earned his degree in English. This August they will be moving to Logan, UT where Curtis will pursue his Masters’ Degree in English.

The graduation ceremony was marked by inspiring speeches and a few tears being shed by both students and parents. A surprise visitor, who wasn’t on the program, sat on the stage. As the students received their diplomas they received a handshake from the head of their department, and then Elder L. Tom Perry. One student, in the several hundred present, when she got to Elder Perry stopped and they embraced each other three times. It became apparent that she was the reason for his presence. We were blessed to hear him speak a few words at the end of the commencement.

After the commencement exercise, we drove to Curtis’ parents’ home in Orem for refreshments. Richard and Janet were gracious hosts and put out a really good spread. I’m particularly fond of the Jalapeno and Artichoke dip. I would’ve been content to eat it plain, but it did compliment the crackers very well.

Richard and Janet Henrie - Curtis' parents.

Also in attendance at the commencement ceremony was Aubrey’s father, and my parents.

My parents with the graduates.

Aubrey and Curtis, you look so beautiful together. I can’t begin to describe how pleased we, your parents are with the decisions you have made in your life to pursue your educations and to remain close to the Lord. May He always smile down on you and guide your footsteps through life.

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