Friday, April 4, 2008

Colin's E-mail 4-4-08

How is everyone?
This week was awesome! We had a great baptism on Saturday... that lady who's daughter was baptized last week. Her boss is a member of our ward and helped a ton in her conversion and helped make the baptism really spiritual.

Sunday was incredible. Me and Elder Stephens, the AP, worked together the whole day and things went really well. We were contacting some referrals we had gotten from the church website when we knocked on a man's door. He had called to receive a Book of Mormon and was really excited to let us in. It was probably the most amazing, spiritual lesson I have ever taught. I wish I could describe it. We got to the part where we explain how the true church of Jesus Christ was lost when he broke in and started to teach the lesson for us. He said that he read how the Christians in that time period were really persecuted and many were killed including the apostles and that he believed that many of the pure truths that Jesus taught were lost, including his true church. We were shocked when he said that but so excited. I told him "Thats why we are here! His true church was lost but has been restored to the earth again. We as representatives of Jesus Christ testify that His true church with apostles and prophets and ALL the truths is on the earth again."

With tears in his eyes he told us that he has been searching for this church for years and finally found it. He told us that he was born and raised Catholic but noticed so many errors in the doctrine but was never able to find the truth. He said "My heart is pounding... I feel so good right now. I feel like a little child that just got a huge present!" He accepted a baptismal date on the spot for the 19th. We explained that church was going to be a little further away than usual because of the general conference and he replied "It doesnt matter where it is... I'm going". Elder Stephens and I walked away from that lesson totaly stunned. It was great.

I love it so much in this area. I have never seen so many miracles happen in my mission. This week we won't have a baptism but the next week a woman named Naira will be baptized. I don't remember if I told you her story but she was a miracle too. Elder Hinsdale, the financial secretary, and I were walking down the street when a member called us over and invited us to eat some cake. We were in a hurry as it was but couldn't turn it down. After eating and talking for a bit we got back on our way and almost immediately a woman stopped us in the street. She started right away saying, "I visited your church in Tapana (an area far away from ours) and they told me there is a church closer to my home and that missionaries would come by to talk to me. Why havent you come to my home yet?" We explained that nobody had told us and that we would visit her right away. We did. She went to church this week and loved it. She eats up everything we have to say and out of nowhere, told us the other day "I have no doubt that I will be baptized in your church" Next week she will.

Well, things are going great. I love you all tons. Have a great week!

Elder Childs


Candace E. Salima said...

Dan - could you be more proud? What an incredible missionary your son is.

Dan and Wendy said...

Thank you Candace. I wish that I could take the credit for how good he is. I think that there are a few choice spirits that are just inherently good. My job as a parent with him was just to try and not mess him up too much.