Friday, April 18, 2008

Colin's e-mail 4-18-08

Belem Brazil is right off of the Amazon...the river, not the dot com company.

Believe it or not, I changed areas already. Kinda. It was a prety interesting week this week with the transfers. Here in the staff, things get pretty hectic the week before and week of a transfer. We got a bunch of new elders and sisters this week so a bunch of new areas were opened. President Hoggan decided that he would put an extra companionship in every ward in the mission that was just about ready to split including ours, here in Telegrafo. There is now a companionship of an american and his new greenie american comp who will be staying in our house and working full time in our area. President also decided to split our area in half so that all 8 elders wouldnt be in the same place. 4 elders stayed in the half with all our investigators and 4 will be going to open the other half of the area where elders havent been working. I am one of those 4. I thought I wouldnt have to open another area on my mission seeing as I already held the current record of 4 times opening and area. This makes 5. It will be little challenging because we have to start over fresh with no investigators or anything but it should be great. Me and elder Hinsdale found 2 married families last night that are showing some great interest. It was a spiritual lesson and they accepted all the invitations. We are already off to a good start I guess. I will be staying in the same house with the same comp and everything but now we will be working a little further away and I pretty much have only 3 comps instead of 5.

The transfer was great. It made things so rushed around the office trying to get everthing ready but everything went well. I got to see a ton of my friends and elders from my group at the MTC so It was really fun. I was still just as nervous anouncing the transfers as the first time but I still got some laughs and cheers out of everyone so its all good.

Yesterday I participated in the mission Council again with all the zone leaders in the mission. It was really spiritual and the assistants and president hoggan gave great talks. It was pretty nerve racking having to do my little part of telling them all what they can be doing better to make my job easier but it went well.
Well, thats all I can think of that was exciting this week so I better get going. I love you. I cant wait for our phone call in a few weeks. Tchau!

Elder Childs

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