Monday, October 6, 2008

Trunkie ate o po? Espero que nao

Hey everyone!

What a week. It has been quite the adjustment working in the field full time again. I have to get used to everything still, including the sore and blistered feet. I guess I had gotten weak and lazy in the office :P Im the zone leader of one of the main zones here in belem, called "Belem Zone". As a zone leader you have an elevated responsibility to work even harder and acheive higher numbers and standards than the other missionaries in your zone to show an example. We have been working hard to set that example. Although its tough, its nice having all the pressure to keep me working all the way til the last minute of my mission.

General conference this week was incredible. I dont know if I had a favorite talk... they were all so great. I enjoyed Elder Aidukaitis' talk about how he honored his father for the testimony of the Book of Mormon he had and how he did what he knew to be right even in the face of many difficulties. I'm always a big fan of Elder Holland who gave a great talk about the angels in our life that help us through our challenges. 5 new temples announced. Amongst them, Jackson County Missouri and Rome... can you say... Second Coming? Im getting tickets to the next conference in april if someone else wants to join me.

I got to see a ton of my recent converts from Telegrafo, it was great. Domingos is preparing to get the priesthood and had an interview last week. Ulisses is still going on splits with the missionaries at least once or twice a week. Breno and Gabriel went to all of the sessions.

I bought some awesome souveniers from Ver-O-Peso last week. We are going again today to do some more shopping. I already got you all your christmas presents lol. If you have any last minute requests, make them now because you only have 3 more mondays to tell me and Ill only be going there once more.

I love you all tons. I miss you and cant wait to see you all again.

Elder Childs

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