Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rhys' Mission Call

The letter arrived today. We have been on pins and needles as we expected the call to show up a couple of weeks ago. Rhys showed tremendous restraint, as he knew that the call was here in the middle of the day and he actually waited until everyone was home before he opened it. We had grandparents and siblings on speaker phones on everybody's cell phones.

As it turns out, I should've stuck with my first guess because it was right. However, I let logic and reason take over and after I had thought about it for a while I decided that Rhys would end up going to New York City. He's not going there. Like I said, he's going to place that I guessed first.

Intially, Rhys was hoping to be called to Fiji, but earlier today he was hoping for Mozambique. He didn't get called to either of those places.

Rhys will enter the MTC on February 4th, which coincidentally happens to be my birthday. Sending our son on a mission is a good birthday gift, but getting him back two years later will be a better one. Rhys will serve the Lord for two years in the St. Louis Missouri Mission.

He is very pleased with his call and is looking forward to getting into the field.

Congrats Rhys. We love you and are so pleased by your decision to give two years of your life to the Lord in this endeavor.


Tim Malone said...

Congrats to Rhys! St Louis MO - my wife says that's the other mission. She served in Independence.

Olsen Family said...

O that's awesome. I love St. Louis!!!