Friday, August 8, 2008

missionary e-mail 8-8-08

Well, the transfer is coming up next week so things are rushed around the office again. I finished up the mission newsletter which always takes FOREVER but it turned out well. I spent most of my week doing that.

Over the last several months that I have been here, I have been writing a program to keep track of all the missionaries in our mission. It has a list of all the elders and sisters and when you click on their name, it comes up with all their information, picture, info of their family, and stake president and just about everything else. You can then print out personalized envelopes and letters to send home to their family, keep track of converts, baptismal sheets, and print out reports of all the missionaries, who they are with, and where they are at. Basically, it does everything the elders in the office need. I talked to some other missions here in brazil and they loved the idea and wanted it so I spent this week writing a generalized, customizable version of my program and started sending it out. It is now being spread throughout brazil and is being used in the other mission offices. I guess I can say now that I left my mark here before I left :)

I had a really interesting experience on monday. We have a family that has been going to church that wants to get married. Unfortunately, here in brazil, the government makes it really hard and expensive for people to get married so most people dont... they just live together. Every once in a while a church or foundation will offer free marriages for people that want it. There was one in the next city over, that the baptist church was doing so we grabbed this man we are teaching, Benedito, and headed over there monday night to sign up. We got there early so we sat down and watched their meeting. It was really interesting. I have never seen a baptist church meeting before so it was a good learning experience. Unfortunately we ended up needing one more document that costs a ton of money (just as much as the marriage) that he only had a copy, not the original. We talked with a lawyer this week and we're going to try again this monday.

Monday night, we got home from our long bus ride from the other city and found out that a brilliant elder here in belem decided to move houses without telling anyone. The owner of the new house didnt even know he was coming so she didnt give him the keys. He called us at almost 10:00 sitting in from of the house with all his belongings in the most dangerous part of the city. My comps elder Araujo and Elder Dunn ran out there to go work something out. Luckily everything turned out ok and he managed to get everything back to the old apartment.

My companion Elder Rufino was called as a new Zone Leader in a city called Icoaraci and will be leaving the staff. We are all going to miss him but luckily he will be coming in to the office every monday with all the other zone leaders here in Belem to talk to president and the assistants about their work.
Well, Love you guys tons. Have a great week! Talk to you later.

Elder Childs

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