Thursday, March 6, 2008

Colin's E-mail 3-6-08

Yup, Sorry to say it, but my p-day moved again this week. Unfortunately, I didnt get any emails again but for sure I will next week. My p-day should permanently be on fridays, but just for today, it had to switch.

What an eventful week! I cant beleive all the stuff that happened this week, Ill do my best to tell you everything before my time is up here.

Saturday I had 4 baptisms set up in my last area so I got permission from President Hoggan to go watch them. There were 3 little girls, 2 of them twins whos parents are members that were reactivated recently and the other who is the daughter of a woman that wants to be baptized but has a problem with marriage that probably wont be resolved soon. The othr was supposd to be Euvira, a woman that me and Elder Corob found and stuggled to get baptized. When I got to the chapel that night, Euvira wasnt there but sitting down waiting to be baptized was Eliana, a woman who has been wanting to be baptized for 2 years but who has been living with her paralized, vegetable husband. He died a few weeks ago, enabling her to finally be baptized. She wasnt sure if sh was ready yet when I left an I didnt know if I would ever be able to see her get baptizd. That night was really special and really spiritual for me to be able to see her enter into the baptismal font after waiting so long. There we so many people at the baptism that we had to hold the opening meeting in the sacrament room and do the baptisms seperately to be able to fit everyone in the room with the font to watch. It was a great night.
This week has been really hectic in the office. The transfer meeting was yesterday so preparing everything for the meeting made vrything rush. Added on top of all that, The mission baptized a huge numbr of people this last week and all the baptismal documents are coming in to me to be entered in the computer and sent to church headquarters. Its a lot of work an I hope I can get my way out of the pile of papers on my desk that seems to be growing more every day.
It has been quite interesting working here in the office with the other staff. I STILL havent actually worked with my companion, Elder Rufino. I have been out every night with either the APs or the Zone Leader working in my area. Maybe this week we will be able to work together one night.
Elder Fernando, my 2nd comp, went home this week. It was sad to see him go. Everyone lovd him so much. The new AP isnt announced until the tensfer meeting so everyone keeps guessing until then. It was funny because everyone thought it was me since I was called into the office a week early to be trained. I keep getting people asking me things like "Hey, how was the call with the President to be the new AP?" Some people told me thy were surprised to see me take the place as secretary.
Every day, I learn that I have more and more responsibilities than I thought. Yesterday at the transfer meeting with about half the missionaries in the mission, I was announced as the new secretary and I had to announce the transfers. It was hard because its kinda like an improv stand up act that you have to keep everyone excited, laughing, and clapping... It went pretty well though and I had the privilege to announce Casey Taylor who is my good friend from school that got into the field yesterday.
This morning I had to go to the Mission Council which is a meeting with the President, the APs and all the Zone leaders in the whole mission, and tell the zone leaders what they can be doing differently to help the work run a little more smoothly. Its pretty nerve racking to have to stand up in front of all the best elders in the mission and tell them what they can be doing better, but it went pretty well. After Im done here, I will be returning to the meeting and eating lunch with them all too.
Like I said, the staff is pretty nicely treated with some things other elders dont get like AC and catered lunches and other nice bonuses. Recently we went to Pizza Hut again for all-you-can-eat. I didnt manage to get 17 slices down like last time but I still ate 12. I think I will be gaining a lot of weight in this area, eating so much and sitting down all day.
Hey dad, I forgot to tell you last week, The man that fixed the ipod was reactivatd before I left Entroncamento and recieved a calling in the ward 2 weeks ago. Elder Reynolds, a great friend of mine here on the mission, finished this week and went home. He got home yesterday with a package from me to everyone. I wrote a note inside explain what goes to who. He should be calling you soon to see when he can get it over to you.
Well I love you all and Ill talk to you next week (Friday this time). Tchau!

Elder Childs


Tristi Pinkston said...

Dan, that link you left me was seriously funny -- thanks for the laugh.

I had to scroll down to this blog to leave a comment 'cause I didn't want to disrupt the nice scripture analyses you had further up. :)

Dan and Wendy said...

The timing of that news article in relationship to your post was amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much you do in your day. I think I would pass out LOL!

God Bless You,