Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm in the middle of a business trip in Boston. Well, technically I'm in Danvers, which is about 19 miles north of Boston. Danvers used to be Salem Village which is where the witch trials all started. This is the view out of my hotel window.

Today's Saturday, i.e. I'm not working, so I decided to take the train to Boston. The train station dropped me off at North Station and I started walking towards Faneuil Hall. While walking, I came across a street called something like Robert "RIP" Valenti Way. It made me wonder, if we don't include "RIP" for all streets named after deceased persons are we being insensitive...?

I finally got there. Here's a few pics.

There were several street performers there including a human statue and a guy riding a unicycle while flinging out two yoyos.

I kept walking along the Freedom trail and came across this:

This is a picture inside the Old South Meeting House. Benjamin Franklin was baptized here and the seeds of the rebellion that led to the Tea Party in Boston Harbor started inside these walls. Here's a picture of the pulpit.

I figured I'd just keep walking to Boston Commons. It was on the Freedom Trail. When I get there I see two live bands at different spots in the park. There are food vendors and concession stands selling souvenirs, etc. There was a sea of humanity milling about and I was curious what kind of festival was going on. I get to the middle of the festival, passing through the middle of very interesting people, to see these booths:

Yes, unknown to me, I walked smack dab into a "Legalize Marijuana," festival. It was at this point that I truly realized I was no longer in Utah...
I wondered what that distinctive odor was that wafted through the crowds. I might still be buzzed. Thank you Boston for making me have to go confess to my bishop about indirectly breaking the Word of Wisdom...

Anyway, once I realized what the festival was celebrating I decided it was time to leave.

As I was on the outskirts of Faneuil Hall I came across an epic group of street dancers. Still images do not do them justice. They contorted their bodies into positions that I don't think humans were meant to twist into. I loved the guy that did a back handspring flip over four people.

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"High Times"-- was it a newspaper of sorts of that organization? Interesting choice