Friday, March 4, 2011

Star Scout Rising--First Trail Volume One

From the last frontier, Space. A must-have, out of this world adventure! Star Scout Rising, First Trail by Gary Darby is a thoughtful, awe-inspiring, and spine-tingling Sci-Fi mystery that follows a young man named Del Baldura during his quest for knowledge, truth, and discovery in the distant future of human and alien kind. This story has it all superb background, surprises, mystery, love, futuristic technological possibilities, bizarre life forms, and a hero trying to make sense of his duty and loyalty, his current leadership responsibilities, and his search for truth about part of his and his family's history. Volume One of a three-volume set, Darby hits a grand-slam with this first novel. Smart and thought provoking. Volume Two due out in 2011.

I thoroughly enjoyed Star Scout Rising, First Trail Volume One. Sci-Fi fans will thoroughly enjoy the “technical” descriptions that explain deep space exploration so believably. I really liked the writing. Each character of a story should have his or her own unique voice. Since typically a story is told by one person—the author, that can be a challenge.

I’m always pleased and very impressed when I can read dialogue and know exactly who is speaking even if the author didn’t spell it out. Of course, writers do spell out who’s talking, but if the character really has their own voice, the reader will come to recognize it. My favorite character in the story is Sami. He is not the main character, that would be Del Baldura. However, he is Del’s close friend and fellow Star Scout Cadet. He’s quirky, fun, and when he was in a scene a smile automatically came to my face.

The content of the story is clean and appropriate for all ages. The plot is compelling and will have you turning pages until you reach the final one. There are several story lines that don’t have closure. This is the first book of a trilogy and so you’ll have to read the next two books to get everything. I for one am eagerly awaiting volume two which should hit the shelves in 2011.

You can purchase the book by going here. If Kindle is your thing, try this link.

Legal disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this book to review. My opinions of the book are in no way influenced by receiving a free copy.


Gary Darby said...

Dan, thank you so much for taking time to review my first novel. I appreciate your positive comments - and yes, Sami makes things interesting and I have a lot of fun with his character. Thanks again.

Gary Darby

The Bec-ster said...

Great review! I read the book too. I loved it. It was frustrating not having the closure on some of the story-lines. I can't wait for the next book!