Friday, August 13, 2010

Weber County Fair

Wendy, Colby, and I went to the Weber County Fair yesterday. If you brought a can of food for the Utah food bank, you got in for $1.

This is a picture of a capuchin monkey. In the lower left hand of a cage is a ring tailed lemur. The lemur looked just like King Julian from the Penguins of Madagascar cartoons.

Here's Colby trying to ride the bull. I think that his left hand is supposed to be waving in the air and not desperately trying to hold onto the back of the bull. He actually does really well on mechanical bulls.

The sand castles I made at the beach never looked this good.

Here's the rest of the sand art creation. It's still a work in progress.

One-year-old white tiger. they also had a Bengal tiger, a mountain lion, and several other cool animals.


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