Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why I like Fantasy

Fantasy is a growing genre. Perhaps viewed by most erudites as a colossal waste of time; nothing could be further from the truth. Good fantasy is not merely a vehicle to help escape reality for a short period but rather a means to look more deeply into the human soul. Magic, dragons, elves, etc. are not to be taken literally. However, their symbolism can powerfully portray truths in a clear concise manner. When Gimli looks at Legolas in The Return of the King and states something to the effect of, “I never thought that I’d die fighting alongside an elf,” and Legolas responds, “How about dying fighting alongside a friend?” Gimli states, “Aye lad, I could do that.” The lesson on diversity and tolerance is unmistakable. If an elf and a dwarf (mortal enemies) can become best friends then why can’t you and I?

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