Monday, November 3, 2008

The Gift of Tongues

Yesterday, all the stakes in Arizona had a broadcast Stake Conference. President Boyd K. Packer presided.

One of the things that I like best about Stake Conference is that I always get to sit in one of the front two rows. My wife is the designated ASL signer for those that are deaf. I sit in the corner so I can be close to her. I love watching her sign. My favortie ASL sign is "Jesus." Wendy and I refer to it as the seatbelt sign, because to me, the sign looks like someone is strapping on their seat belt in a car.

Anyway, there were several people that were hearing impaired in attendance and so I and our two boys sat in the second row. As the broadcast started we realized that whoever set up the audio had set it up to be heard in spanish. The congregation all chuckled and we wondered how long it would take to correct the problem. Wendy signed to those in front of her that the broadcast was in spanish and she didn't know how to interpret that.

However, sitting in the row behind us was a recently returned missionary that went to a spanish speaking mission. Wendy pulled him up and he whispered into Wendy's ear the translation from spanish to english and then Wendy translated it into ASL for those that needed it. This lasted for about ten minutes until the audio was fixed.

That was about the coolest thing I have ever seen in church.


Anonymous said...

Reading that post brought tears to my eyes. It always amazes me how the Lord provides a way. We really are so blessed to have the gospel. N

Anonymous said...

yes, I see what you mean. the neat thing is to feel how we will do anything when it comes about the gospel to make sure that our brother and sisters get "a piece of the cake". Funny how this proves wrong the evil nature of man and how when we are down to our first reflex when in the purest oriented motivation we will chose to share and help rather than refrain and keep for ourself. this is the true nature of our soull expressing, this nature that is so often corrupted by fear and greeds or other negative feelings.

kristen said...

Isn't the gift of tongues and interpreting it used for language you don't know of? He already knew Spanish. He was simply using his own knowledge of the language.