Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colin's e-mail 1-14-08

Valdir gets ready to be baptized

This product probably sells better in Brazil than it would in the states...

Hey guys! Whats new?
Nothing too new and exciting is going on ever here. The week was pretty normal but different and exciting as always. I had a blast when I went on splits with another elder named Elder Araujo. We worked together for 2 days this week and did pretty well. He is kinda a clown so it made things fun. We were clapping at one of our investigators gates when he started playing with an open padlock hanging on the gate. He took it off and decided to lock it on my bag strap. I thought I would be able to slide it off but to my shock, it was just slightly too small to make it over the plastic clip at the end. Nobody answered the door and I was stuck having to walk away with the stolen padlock. We kept working that morning and a few hours later we tried again at her door. Luckily, she was there this time and we had to explain to her why we had stolen her lock and ask her to take it off for us. It was rather funny but quite embarassing.

Yay! The day has finally arrived for us to move to our area! We have been living in the house of the Zone Leaders about a half hour from our area. The elders that were living in our house found a house in their area and we will be taking all of our stuff and moving to our house that they moved out of, tomorrow. It should make things a lot easier to get more work done and work better with the members. The house is a little smaller but I think it should be great.

So we have been teaching a boy named Iago. I dont remember if I already told you about him but he is living with his aunt, who is a member and he wants to be baptized. He was supposed to be baptized Saturday but we didnt get authorization from his parents so it didnt happen. We finally got his parents to authorize the baptism so this next saturday, the 19th, he will be baptized. This will be out last baptism for this transfer but next transfer we should have a lot of really good ones too. I am way excited for Valdir, who was baptized 2 saturdays ago. He got the priesthood this sunday and this upcoming sunday should be blessing the sacrament. That is always such a great thing to watch.

Well, I gotta get going. I managed to get some pictures sent this week, I hope you enjoy them. Next week I will be sending a video, I hope. Love you all tons. Have a great week!

Elder Childs


Marsha Ward said...


Off topic, but I wanted to catch you in case you didn't see this comment on Tristi's blog.

The ANWA Writers Conference is open to the whole world! You and your former bishop are most welcome to attend. It's just membership in the organization that is restricted to LDS women writers.

In fact, author Dan Yates of Angel fame credits the ANWA conference he attended many years ago for helping him get his start.

I'll go make sure our site is more clear.

Marsha Ward
ANWA Founder

Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey Marsha,

I was just coming over here to make sure Dan saw your comment on my blog.

Great minds think alike. :)

Dan, consider yourself invited by both of us now.

Marsha Ward said...

We're frighteningly alike, Tristi!

Congrats to Elder Colin for the baptisms. Nostalgia overtook me as I read about clapping at gates. I served in So. America, too.

Dan and Wendy said...

Wow, If I had known before that posting false assumptions on another blog, would drive additional traffic to my blog, I would've started doing that sooner...

Tristi, are you teaching a class on internet blogging and how to drive traffic to one's blog? You can use me as an example if you'd like. ;-)

Thanks Marsha and Tristi for the update.

Marsha Ward said...

You're welcome. I look forward to meeting you at the ANWA conference.