Sunday, December 23, 2007

Colin's last e-mail from Brazil

Wow what and exciting week! There is so much to write, I hope I can remember it all! Well, I told you all last week that I was called to be a trainer and that I would probably be staying in Imperatriz to train the new elder. We found out Monday night in our zone transfer meeting that it was I and not my companion that would be transferred. It was pretty shocking news but that’s just how things work around here… you never know whats going to happen. I had to pack my bags and say goodbye to everyone Tuesday and I left the bust station at 8 that night.
We got to the chapel in Belem at about 7 on Wednesday morning and I got to see a bunch of old friends from the MTC and other areas. Near the end of the transfer meeting, they finally called my name and announced who I would be training. They then told me I would not be REopening an area like I had thought but actually, I would be OPENING an area here in Belem. That means I will be working in an area and a ward in which nobody has ever worked before…Something that hasn’t been done in years. I was shocked and overwhelmed. I had no idea how I would manage to train AND open a new area.
My new companion’s name is Elder Corob from Rancho Cukamunga California. He speaks Portuguese pretty well and is learning really fast. I am doing my best to teach him by only speaking Portuguese but it is quite a challenge. He speaks a lot of English with me and I have to remember to only speak in the mission language.
Opening an area has proven to be a lot easier than I imagined it to be. The members here are incredible. They have helped so much and are so willing to give us anything we need. I think this is already the best area I have ever served in and I know it will prove to be even better. We started with just about nothing late in the week and just started knocking on doors. By the end of the week, we accomplished our goals of new investigators and other things that normally take a whole week to get. Amazingly, we had 5 investigators at church this week, most of them with a lot of potential to be baptized here soon. I know its going to be a huge responsibility to be the first missionary ever in this area and know it will be a ton of hard work to be able to do well here and set a good pace for the missionaries that come after.
Since our area is new, we don’t even have a house to live in for now. Until we can find one, we have been living in the zone leader’s house which is about 20 minutes by Kombe (VW van) to our area. Every morning when we leave, we have to flag down a van and pay them R$1 to give us a ride to our area and do the same thing returning home at night.
It’s getting close to Christmas so I am way excited to be able to talk to you all. I don’t know if there will be any ciber cafĂ©’s open next Monday but we will try to find one. If we cant find one, I will call you all to confirm the time I will call. Im pretty sure it should be in the morning but Ill have to wait till next week to be sure. Well my time is up, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Love you tons!
Elder Childs

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